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SANY SCE600A Vakwerk nieuw geleverd.

▪ Model: Cummins Cummins B6.7-C195 Stage V;
▪ Type: 4 cycle, water-cooled, vertical in-line 6, direct injection, turbo-charger, intercooler, complied with European Off-way Stage V Emission standard;
▪ Displacement: 6.7L;
▪ Rated power: 145kW/1800rpm;
▪ Operation power: 142kW/1800rpm;
▪ Max. Torque: 847N.m/1500rpm;
▪ Cooling System: temperature-adjustable, pressurized water cycle system ;
▪ Starter: 24V-7.8kW;
▪ Radiator: fin type core in aluminum;
▪ Air cleaner: Dry type main filter element, safety element core and resistance indicator;
▪ Throttle: Grip type hand throttle, electrically controlled;
▪ Fuel filter: Replaceable paper element;
▪ Batteries: Two 12V×180Ah capacity batteries, connected in series;
▪ Fuel tank capacity: 400L.

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